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Romantic Proposal Pulled Off By College Football Player

Call me super sappy and low-key a hopeless romantic, but there's really nothing I love better than watching a creative proposal.

When the guy puts a lot of thought into how he asks his main girl to spend the rest of her life with him, cue ALL THE FEELS.

Remember the dude who spent an entire YEAR planning out the ultimate proposal for his girlfriend?

The romance was so incredibly real when he penned a message to her on a white board each day of the year. A sweet video accompanied every white board note.

Once the year came to a close, he made a video montage, in which he combined all of the videos he made for her throughout the 365 days.

And as for how the rest played out, you'll JUST have to read the ending of the story and see what happened next.

Now, I just watched a college football player's proposal.

It looks like it came straight out of a movie.

Congrats to my bro for scoring twice today @YOTB__ best of luck to you pic.twitter.com/mu4AbtoEb4 — lil Jody (@kingsar_5) October 15, 2016

Samford University linebacker Deion Pierre popped the question to his girlfriend Jasmine with the awesome help of his teammates.

Everything unfolded on the football field. Ed Sheeran's “Thinking Out Loud” streamed from the loudspeakers.

With roses in their hands, the football team danced and showed off their mad vocal skills as they circled around Jasmine.

That's when Deion got down on one knee. He took off his helmet and asked Jasmine to marry him.

Congrats@jasminesglitter @YOTB__ pic.twitter.com/LY5LCJSSG2 — . (@Kaaybratt) October 15, 2016

She, of course, said “yes.”

Deion put the ring on Jasmine's finger and the entire football team began shouting, “She said yes!”

*Casually grabs the tissues and starts to tear up.*

There's nothing like team spirit, am I right?!

Jasmine took to Twitter to share her exiting news.


Congratulations, Jasmine and Deion!

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