In This Cute Proposal, Guy Asks GF To Marry Him Right After She Gives Birth To Their Baby

If you thought you had a good day, 22-year-old Lauren French is here to give you a run for your money. In one day, the woman got proposed to by the love of her life and also experienced the miracle of child birth.

Unfortunately (or I guess, in this particular situation, "fortunately" might be a better choice of words), I have not yet given birth to a child of my own so I've never personally experienced what it's like to bring another human being into the world. But, according to my mom, it's pretty freaking awesome and there's literally no joy like it.

Lauren had the chance to experience that joy for herself first-hand when she gave birth to her newborn baby, Nevaeh.

...her boyfriend, Shane, found a way to make that day even more wonderful and special for her.

When the nurses brought Lauren back her baby, Shane had them dress her in a onesie that read, "Mummy, Will You Marry My Daddy?"

Yep, that's right. I'll say it again: This woman experienced the miracle of bringing a baby into this world AND was proposed to by the love of her life all in one day.

As far as I'm concerned, this is literally the best case scenario when it comes to getting pregnant with your boyfriend's baby and deciding to keep it.

Let's take a second to run through a few OTHER possible outcomes of getting pregnant before you're married (or even engaged) to your boyfriend and deciding to keep the baby:

Shotgun wedding.

Boyfriend leaves you pregnant and alone, sheer panic ensues.

Boyfriend sticks around because he's a stand-up guy but you guys breakup and now you're stuck together because of this baby.

You also hate him because you're broken up and you're extra mad about the breakup because you're pregnant, and emotional and life is just a wreck.

You and your boyfriend stick it out together and figure it out together, but don't necessarily get engaged.

Or, THIS. The magical outcome. Your life turns into a rom-com and this happens:


Tell me she's not the luckiest girl in the world.

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