Women Share Their Stories With #ShoutYourAbortion To Support Pro-Choice

In the wake of the House's vote to defund Planned Parenthood, Lindy West, Amelia Bonow and Kimberly Morrison launched #ShoutYourAbortion to remind supporters and critics alike abortion is a legal right to anyone who wants or needs it.

Women shared their experiences along with the hashtag, proving, in many cases, their decisions to abort safely and lawfully prevented grim futures for all involved.

Allies, male and female, lent their voices to the cause.

Naturally, opposers briefly commandeered the hashtag in efforts to condemn those proudly speaking out, further illustrating the shame cast upon women who choose abortions.

Killing animals for food is frowned upon yet killing an unborn child is totally okay? Makes sense congrats, pigs #ShoutYourAbortion — MEXAROUSKI (@cantpuckme) September 21, 2015

Despite expected backlash, the hashtag stands as a reminder women remain entitled by law to safe abortions no matter their reasons.

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