Teen Pulls Greatest Senior Prank By Tricking Faculty Into Singing Smash Mouth

by Hope Schreiber

Senior pranks are either TOO BIG or TOO SMALL -- someone is getting expelled and banned from walking at graduation or no one even notices.

Like, "Yeah, someone released two rats into the school with the numbers 'one' and 'three' drawn on them, so now, we just have two more rats."

But senior pranks are still a rite of passage and, when done right, can serve as a fond memory for years to come.

One year, my school towed all of the teachers' vehicles out of their parking lot and replaced them with tractors.

After I graduated and I worked as a janitor at my high school (yes, this is a true story), someone put a pony in the courtyard, and the poor janitors were forced to shovel the poop. I didn't leave the farm to become a janitor to shovel poop, I'll tell you that much.

But this teen's senior prank is so... pure.


High schooler Ryan Storch described his devious plan on YouTube,

I told my Principal and Assistant Principals that I needed them to come read some words off a teleprompter for a 'stress test.' Basically, I told them that their vocal tone and pitch would be able to be analyzed for symptoms of stress. What they didn't know, is that I spliced the lyrics of 'All Star' by Smash Mouth in a sequential order, and put these words in the teleprompter. After they all finished reading, I told them that they would be getting an email within a couple months with their data analysis. Well... this was their 'data analysis.' To all the fellow meme lovers: Thank you. Smash Mouth wouldn't have seen this if it wasn't for you.

He essentially told the faculty of his school his father's friend was performing an experiment. But oh, did it turn out beautiful...

Smash Mouth was so impressed they tweeted him twice.

Ryan, you are a hero.

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