A Shocking Number Of People Say They'd Rather Die Than Vote For Clinton Or Trump


I love a good game of "Would You Rather." And here's one that's actually terrifying.

It turns out that 13 percent of Americans would rather have the Earth destroyed by a giant meteor than have Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton as president, according to a poll.

The survey, conducted by the Public Policy Polling, asked voters,

Clinton ran away with 43 percent, beating Trump's 38 percent.

The meteor did better than Gary Johnson and Deez Nuts.

On a serious note, President of Public Policy Polling Dean Debnam said,

This whole meteor thing is hilarious. But we just pray it isn't going to be another Brexit case. The people who voted to leave the EU were actually amazed that their vote counted.

Personally, I'd rather have Trump run the country than be obliterated by a giant space rock.

Although come to think of it...