This Simple Hack Lets You Hatch Pokémon Go Eggs Without Leaving The House


There's a super easy and clever way to hatch eggs in Pokémon Go. And it doesn't even require you to leave the house, never mind walking.

All this novel strategy requires is your phone, the app, some tape and, uh, a vibrator. Yes, that kind of vibrator.

In a video that explains how to pull off the unique hack, Tom Nardone of says,

A question was posed to me today: Can you hatch eggs in Pokémon Go using vibrators? I figured I better find out the answer.

Tom conducted a little experiment with three types of vibrators. As a side note, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that he shamelessly pronounced Pokémon as "Poké-man."

After taping three phones with a dildo each, Tom found that Pokémon Go registered the movement as distance traveled, which is required to hatch eggs.

Therein lies the hack.

But there's a catch: Tom also found out that the best result yielded from one hour of the vibrator-phone tandem was just over one-tenth of a mile registered on the app.

However, the lesson that distance traveled can be manipulated on Pokémon Go is still an important one. Also, you should know there is another way to do it.

Tech Insider found out that in order to get half a kilometer registered on the app in 10 minutes, you just have to tilt your phone on the edge of a turntable.

So, whether you're using a vibrator, a turntable or any other scheme, just know there are definitely ways to cheat the system.

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