Playboy Model Dani Mathers Charged With Invasion Of Privacy For Naked Woman Snapchat


Dani Mathers' 10-second joke on Snapchat might turn into six months of jail.

Yep, it's that serious, particularly since she's been charged with invasion of privacy, according to a report by TMZ.

The charges stem from a Snapchat story Mathers posted in July from a changing area at an LA Fitness gym in Los Angeles.

The Playboy model was perceived to have been body-shaming when she posted a photo of a naked woman changing along with the caption,


The story attracted a wave of negative attention, cost the model her radio job and LA Fitness even banned her from its gyms. Mathers did return to social media to apologize:

She even posted a series of videos to her Snapchat account in which she apologized after deleting the "body-shaming" photos.

She said,

Still, the apology might not be enough to persuade the woman she photographed to look the other way.

According to a separate report from TMZ last month, the 70-something-year-old victim was located by police and willing to testify.

Now that charges actually do appear to have been filed, per TMZ,  Mathers and her attorney, Tom Mesereau, are on the defensive. Mesereau told TMZ,

Mathers might literally have to tell that to the judge.

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