The Playboy Mansion Just Sold And You'll Never Guess Who Bought It


Sorry prospective mansion buyers, the Playboy residence is officially off the market. According to the Guardian, Hugh Hefner sold the property to his neighbor, 32-year-old Daren Metropoulos, the billionaire owner of Twinkies and former owner of PBR.

You read that right. Mr. Playboy is in escrow with his neighbor, a dude named Daren.

Apparently, neighbor Daren bought the $18 million mansion next to Hefner from Hefner in 2009. With the acquisition of the Playboy mansion, Metropoulos plans to combine the two pads into one, 7.3-acre estate.

But there is one BIG catch. Neighbor Daren won't be able to move into the 29-room, peacock-infested mansion until Hugh Hefner drops dead. Hefner is 90, so there's that.

Though Hefner was asking for $200 million, there's no word yet on how much neighbor Daren will actually pay for the mansion. As a Playboy Enterprises spokesman said (or rather didn't say) of the deal,

We can confirm that the Playboy Mansion is in escrow with Daren Metropoulos as the buyer. Due to confidentiality restrictions, we are not able to comment on any specifics, including what contingencies need to be cleared to close the sale.

To give you a little real estate refresher, Hefner originally bought the property in 1971 for just over $1 million. Maybe the insane price markup and sale of the property will help the flailing porno magazine survive the free internet porn Apocalypse. Though we highly doubt it.

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