Hundreds Of Delicious Pizzas Cover The Road After Tractor Trailer Accident

Sally Anscombe

This is the news of pizza lovers' dreams: Pizzas spilled into the road after an accident in Arkansas. A tractor trailer hauling a load of Tombstone frozen pies wrecked into Interstate 30's Mablevale Overpass in Little Rock, THV11 reports, causing pizza to literally rain down on the highway — and block traffic. Thankfully, all humans involved in the crash escaped unscathed, but the pizzas weren't so lucky.

Their frozen marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese-covered remains were scattered throughout Interstate 30's warm roads. The saucy incident quickly went viral, because it was a sight some of us have only dreamed about. Free pizzas. Everywhere. Like, hundreds of them.

However, TVH11 reporter Winnie Wright crushed any hopes of snagging a free pie or 90 when she tweeted that "the pizzas have been run over and many have diesel fluid on them, so there won't be pizza for dinner for any of us." (I guess diesel fuel isn't like a lone green pepper you can push off to the side. Fair enough.)

According to TVH11, the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) has already cleaned up the delicious mess, but "it ended up taking snow plows and pressure washer." Yikes.

It was a rare incident for the ArDOT, but Twitter couldn't help but appreciate the fact that pizza blocked traffic.


What was that, boss?

The word "traffic" sounds less annoying with "pizza" in front of it.

Like, LOL.

"Anyone got some ranch?"

RIP frozen pizzas.

Though their asphalt-cooked remains have been removed from Interstate 30, the people of Arkansas (and all of Twitter, to be honest) mourn the loss of such a great load of Tombstone pizzas. They would've made great dinners for the next, I don't know, year.

If only a similar not-harmful-to-humans incident could happen to a tractor trailer carrying canned rosé... that would be extra amazing.