Side-By-Side Pics Show How Much Better You Look In iPhone's New Portrait Mode

Matthew Panzarino

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a professional photographer?

If so, the iPhone 7 Plus could be the answer to your prayers.

The newest Apple release takes high-definition photo quality to the next level by giving users the "Portrait" mode, which is really blowing our minds.

It's simple yet impressive. All the feature does is blur the unneeded background of your photo, causing your subject to pop more than ever.

In fact, even someone without the slightest clue of how to work a camera is now able to take a stunning photo with the touch of a button, and it's starting a portrait revolution.

It's a beautiful phenomenon, and we can't look away.

Best office photo ever? You bet.

This little dude is GLOWING. Look at 'em.

Even babies look better with Portrait mode.

Smiles all around.

It's bringing couples together.

Heck, even your pets will look a thousand times better with Portrait mode.

This furry friend is looking GOOD.

Model status? Yeah, I think so.

This guy is looking "fetch."

Messy yard? Just blur it out.

We can't forget about the cats! He looks purrrfect.

For those of you without real pets, piggy banks make good models, too.

I can't even imagine the number of photos I'm going to take of my dogs when I get the iPhone 7 Plus --  if I even get the iPhone 7 Plus, that is.

A girl can dream, can't she?!

Hopefully, the photography industry doesn't get too mad when people stop hiring professionals to take photos of their weddings and graduations and opt for using their iPhone 7s instead.

That'll be a bummer, but, hey, that's technology for you.

All I know is the iPhone 8 better have a holographic feature because only that would surpass the undeniable beauty of Portrait mode.