This Photo Of Hot Cops In Florida Is Making Everyone On Facebook Swoon

by Collette Reitz
ArtOlympic/ Shutterstock

I'm sure you're well aware of all the safety preparations Florida made last week before Hurricane Irma touched down. Residents did their best to secure their homes and make plans to evacuate to safety before the storm. Police officers were also working around the clock to make sure that they were prepared for whatever came their way. The Gainesville Police Department took a moment to post a picture on Facebook of their officers in action, and the photo of these hot cops made everyone on Facebook swoon.

According to Cosmopolitan, the internet quickly realized that not only are these men doing their jobs to protect the citizens of Gainesville, but they are doing so while all being extremely good looking. As soon as this photo hit the web, the praise-filled comments began flooding in. There were, of course, inquiries as to whether the gentlemen are single (one of them is!). According to the Gainesville Police Department's Facebook page, Officers Nordman and Hamill (left and center) are happily married, but Officer Rengering (the bae on the far right) is ring-free, so you still (maybe) have a chance.

Some of the comments went way beyond relationship statuses, and honestly, some of them are hilarious. A few of them are bit more cheeky, and "actually made our chief blush," according the GPD's Facebook.

Here are some of the comments that deserve a round of applause (and a date with Officer Rengering):

  • "These men have caused a category 5 hurricane in my pants."
  • "While you are all trying to 'win the Internet' I'm already in my car driving to Gainesville..."
  • "I knew Irma made water scarce in Gville, but I didn't realize the storm left THIS many people thirsty!"
  • "I've been a bad girl officer. A bad, bad girl. Ma'am, please get out of my car.... I didn't even stop you."
  • "Don't mind me just scrolling through here checking to see if my wife's in the comments."

Apparently a jail cell just became the hottest spot. More people said:

  • "I think a mother/daughter trip to Florida is in order. But don't bring bail money for me, I'll do my time."
  • "Uhm, a court date is still a 'date' right?!"
  • "And the crime rate in Gainesville goes through the roof."

You guys, we may have just discovered a new species.

One user wrote, "The hunkapotumus is a rare, elusive, and mythical creature. Here we are lucky to see 3 huddled together in the wake of Hurricane Irma. I'm a well trained hunkapotumus handler. Send them my way and they will be well taken care of."

*Immediately throws away all granny panties*

Even more users wrote:

  • "This pic is exactly why your grandmother always told you to wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident."
  • "This is EXACTLY why I made sure to shave my legs today! Haha!!"

A little formality never hurt anyone.

"I bet the one on the far left would make me call him sir," another user admitted.

After quite a few suggestions that the officers might want to consider parlaying their Facebook fame into a Gainesville Police Department calendar, the GPD updated their Facebook post to let the admirers know that there will be a calendar. Not only are they swoon-worthy because of their Blue Steel perfection, but they will also be using the funds raised from the calendar to assist with the Hurricane recovery efforts in Florida.

As soon as the internet received confirmation of a calendar in the works, countdown clocks everywhere commenced.

So, as you (not so patiently) wait for the calendar to hit shelves, you can help the relief cause by donating to the Hurricane Irma relief efforts. I bet Officer Rengering goes weak in the knees for a charitable gal.

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