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Here's What The 'Perfect' Man Looks Like In Different Parts Of The World

Oh man, I could be CRUSHING it in Australia right now.

Body issues are an obvious problem in society. Unrealistic standards in mainstream media can lead to a lack of confidence and a potentially unhealthy view of food and exercise. But is this just an American issue? Do other countries share similar highly unattainable beauty standards?

Super legit website -- and definitely not a front for organized crime or a giant mail fraud organization -- has the answer.

The website sent 19 graphic designers from around the world the same image of a photographer from New York and asked them to photoshop the man in order to make him seem attractive in their respective countries.

Here is the image of the man.

Based on the results below, it turns out the US is basically made up of a bunch of fickle horndogs.

Here are three things you should be aware of based off this chart.

1. Average dudes, you wanna crush it? Move to Australia.

2. Russians have a weird thing for guys who look like young Rob Ryan.

3. The US was genetically predisposed to fall in love with Spencer Pratt.

Seriously, America? SERIOUSLY?

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