People Are Writing Rap Lyrics As The Pope, And They're Actually Amazing

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My name is the pope, and I'm here to say, I go to church every single day!

OK, I admit it. I'm not the best at coming up with pope raps. It's the thing least in my wheelhouse in the world. I am a Jewish boy from New Jersey with the hip-hop sensibilities of a $25 gift certificate to Sears.

I'm more suited to judge a keep-cool-while-having-chance-encounters-with-low-end-celebrities competition than become a Christian-themed rapper.

Luckily, most Twitter users are more suited for this 140-character pontifical freestyling than I am -- and probably know how to not act like idiots when they run into Kevin Sorbo at Benihana -- and that fact led to #PopeBars, one hashtag his holiness would be more than proud of.

This pope is pretty dope...Sorry, I'll stop.

It's like "8 Mile" but without the sex scenes.

In a way, this has always been kind of what Kanye does.

The popemobile should get hydraulics.

Even rap God and "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda got in on the game.

Straight outta the Vatican.