People React To A Brick Wall In Their Path In Revealing Social Experiment

by Anna Menta

Everyone's hit a metaphorical brick wall in his or her life and felt like it would be impossible to get through it.

Somehow, though, you did get through it, and now you're here today clicking on articles on the Internet. It always seems impossible in the moment, but you always find a way.

In this video from A Plus, people in New York City were presented with an actual, physical brick wall in their path, and they were told they could kick through it. At first, everyone insisted it was impossible, but after the people learned the trick, they saw the bricks fall away under their feet.

Obviously, A Plus rigged the wall a little to help people get through, but the message of the video stands strong. There's always a way around the walls in your life, and you just have to keep kicking until you find it.

Now, who's gonna drop kick my student loans?