There Was A Really Hot Bartender On 'Jeopardy!' And People Freaked Out

by Gillian Fuller

Did you know "Jeopardy!" is still on the air? It is.

And last night, the famed game show hosted an interesting guest whom I will call Hot Guy Tom.

Hot Guy Tom, like many hot guys before him, isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Though he made it to the final round, he answered the last money-making question with, and I'm quoting here, the word “what.”

However, what Hot Guy Tom lacks in brains, he makes up for in looks.

Twitter was aflutter last night with commentary on Tom, who apparently moonlights as a bartender-slash-wannabe director, with many users praising his model-worthy looks.

Scroll below to see the myriad of reactions to Hot Guy Tom, who is likely the first and last "Jeopardy!" contestant to inspire such excitement.

This is Hot Guy Tom, the latest loser on "Jeopardy!".

Tom, #what planet are you from? #Jeopardy — j.killin (@jack__ie) October 26, 2015

He seemed to enjoy staring at his reflection in the monitor…

I swear Tom Flynn is just looking at himself on the monitors. #jeopardy — (Mr.) Stacy Lambe (@sllambe) October 26, 2015

And fidgeting...

Exactly how many lines of cocaine do you think Tom did before taping this episode? #jeopardy — Melissa Hagan (@Sassafrass_27) October 26, 2015

...and flaunting his good looks.

hello Tom.. #jeopardy #hottie — David Flores (@davieishere) October 27, 2015

Tom was doing pretty well for a while...

This Jeopardy Contestant Tom Flynn is 10/10 — C2 (@kingcillo24) October 26, 2015

And we thought he may be one of the rare few with beauty and brains.

Tom from #jeopardy is my new favorite person ever — Sydni Nikolai (@sydninikolai) October 26, 2015

But the game show didn't quite go in the direction he'd planned...

Tom the bartender might be one of my favorite jeopardy contestants of all time. — earl simmons (@iamsamkeller) October 26, 2015

...and the aspiring movie director landed his pretty face in last place.

If Tom get one more question wrong I won't be surprised if he has a nervous breakdown and kills himself on tv. #jeopardy — Melissa Hagan (@Sassafrass_27) October 26, 2015

I doubt that's how he envisioned his silver-screen debut.

Tom be like....WHAT #jeopardy — Mary Donovan (@jeepin713) October 26, 2015

In the end, HGT did win something...

There is a non-zero chance Tom Flynn just writes his agents name and number for final @Jeopardy tonight. — Adam Keith (@KidKKeith) October 26, 2015

...our hearts.

Tom the hot Jeopardy contestant is making the Internet thirsty. — Cheezburger (@Cheezburger) October 27, 2015

So here's to Hot Guy Tom...

excuse me tom, are you in the right place? jeopardy contestants are not supposed to be this hot — Lauren Weddle (@lauren_weddle) October 26, 2015

...the most exciting thing to happen on "Jeopardy!" since 1984.

@Jeopardy best contestant ever - Tom — Yoenis Céspedes (@Obando_brandon) October 26, 2015

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