Gillian Fuller

People Are Losing It Over This Subtle New iPhone Feature (Photos)


Often with the release of an iPhone update comes minor bugs and software issues that Apple has to fix before the tech slaves of the world erupt into a full-fledged riot.

So far, the latest iPhone update seems to be without these flaws — but there is one feature that's causing meltdowns all the same.

The problem? On iOS9, the letter 'x,' when used alone, is automatically capitalized.

If this doesn't seem like an issue worth complaining about, you probably don't sign off your texts with 'x,' a placeholder commonly used to mean 'kisses.'

Those who do, however, are pissed:

People are worried the capital 'X' makes it look like you're "shouting kisses."

Whereas 'x' is a casual “kisses,” 'X' is a very excited-looking “KISSES.”

And people are having none of it.

The rest of iOS9's features are great…

But this whole 'X' thing? Not gonna fly.

So, Apple, we appeal to you:

Get it together.

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