People Are Freaking Out About This Mannequin's Insanely Thin Legs (Photos)

UK-based clothing company Oasis is facing serious backlash after a photo of one of its mannequins is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

On Tuesday, Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett tweeted a picture of an Oasis display, photographed at the shop's Shepherd's Bush, London location. The display features an abnormally thin mannequin — it's legs are literally narrower than its feet.

This is disgusting, damaging and irresponsible @oasisfashion, not to mention really weird. — Rhiannon L Cosslett (@rhiannonlucyc) October 20, 2015

In the accompanying tweet, Cosslett wrote,

This is disgusting, damaging, and irresponsible @oasisfashion, not to mention really weird.

The photo quickly gained traction on Twitter, with many users responding to Cosslett's original tweet to voice their opinions on the dangerously-thin mannequin.

Soon after, Oasis released a statement addressing the controversy. A representative for the fashion brand told BuzzFeed,

Our mannequins… in no way attempt to accurately portray true-to-life proportions. Our mannequins measure over 6ft in height and [are] without distinct facial features… Oasis…understands the recent debates which have unfolded and therefore the business is in the process of reviewing new mannequins styles.

While it's great Oasis is taking the steps necessary to rectify the problem, it seems the damage has already been done.

Here's a snapshot of how people are reacting:

Cosslett's tweet called the mannequin "disgusting" and "irresponsible."

This is disgusting, damaging and irresponsible @oasisfashion, not to mention really weird. — Rhiannon L Cosslett (@rhiannonlucyc) October 20, 2015

A second user agreed Oasis' use of the stick-thin mannequin was "irresponsible."

@rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion in what world does anyone think this a) looks good b) is responsible? — Imogen (@Imy_85) October 21, 2015

Others compared the twig-like legs to "matchsticks"...

@rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion it just looks like they lost their mannequins legs and made do with match sticks. — Andrew Faraday (@MarmiteJunction) October 21, 2015

...and faulty "spare parts."

@rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion maybe they're using spare parts? this is what it really should look like — Alberto Rivera (@Alberto_Rivera) October 21, 2015

Even parents weighed in on the discussion.

@rhiannonlucyc @VagendaMagazine @OasisFashion My 16 y/o daughter just asked "How does it stand?". Quite. Reprehensible. — Em Jeff (@EmBlueJay) October 20, 2015

Many fear the mannequin will "distort" the way girls view their own bodies.

@rhiannonlucyc @VagendaMagazine @OasisFashion This is a genuinely disturbing, distorting and irresponsible #bodyimage message. — Ren Thackray (@Renoutthere) October 20, 2015

Let's all just remember this excellent point:

@HarrietLongshaw @rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion who aspires to be a mannequin?! — LLH (@irishessex) October 21, 2015

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