People Are Freaking Out Over This Grey Burger From McDonald's (Photo)


McDonald's has outdone itself.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding Burger King's black-bunned, turn-your-poop-green monster of a burger, McDonald's debuted something even more horrifying: a grey-bunned burger.

The burger, available only in China (thank God) features a steamed mantou bun, which is popular among Chinese foodies. It also boasts a pork patty, bacon, lettuce and Sichuan Thousand Island dressing.

The so-called Modern China Burger was recently reviewed by Time Out Bejing's food editor, Nick Gollner. Gollner conceded while the bun looks unappetizing, it tastes pretty good — surprisingly so.

He called it the “Justin Bieber” of fast food because of its ability to make you like it even though you don't want to and added,

[Its] so much fun to hate, and really a soulless and offensive bastard deep down, but in my car, alone and utterly unwatched, you know I'm really enjoying it.

Still, bitches are freaking out.

The burger is only available until November 3, so if you want to try this culinary clusterf*ck, you best hop on a plane to Beijing and make a beeline toward the nearest Mickey D's.

See some photos below.

Folks are wondering what inspired McDonald's grey burger.

Who thought grey burgers were a good idea? Go home #McDonald's, you're drunk. via @catchnews — Trinaa Prasad (@trinaaprasad) October 16, 2015

Was it concrete?

Hard to guess what inspired McDonalds Modern China Burger. Concrete? Pollution? The grey bun is on sale Til' Nov 3. — Grace Brown TV (@GraceBrown87) October 17, 2015


Check out this 'grey burger' from @McDonalds YUK!!!! — Tom Horton (@TomHorton747) October 16, 2015

Or just a general disdain for people's tastebuds?

TBH, the rest of it looks pretty good…

...but grey food is never a good idea.

Sorry, McDonald's. I'll pass.

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