13 Hilarious Ways People Deal With Having A Crush On Someone

by Anna Menta

It doesn't matter if you're 15 or 50: Having a crush is universally agreed to be the worst thing ever.

Crushes can turn the most eloquent person into a sweaty mess of run-on sentences. Crushes can make the smartest person forget the name of everyone in the room. Crushes can cause a usually funny person to make a very horrible but very sincere "that's what she said" joke.

And yes, I may be speaking from personal experience here.

We all deal with the horrible situation that is crushin' on a cutie in different ways. Some of us cry. Some of us drink. Some of us try to ignore the problem by denying it exists in the hopes these inconvenient feelings will just go away soon.

There is no right way to approach crush-having. All we can do is learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of those around us. In times like these, it can be helpful to turn to Twitter for inspiration.

Here are some people sharing their approaches with the hashtag #HowIDealWithACrush. I pray for all their souls.

1. Dana's coping methods may not be healthy necessarily, but they sound pretty effective.

2. What is this "talk to them" I hear people speak of? I've never heard of it.

3. Thank God for the Internet.

4. That's pretty sad, Gary, but same.

5. It's fine, it's cool, I like suffering alone with my anxiety more than dates and kisses anyhow!

6. The feelings have to go away eventually, right? Right? RIGHT?!

7. Aw, don't feel bad, Sara! I bet your crush really is good at keeping plants alive.

Pay them really awkward compliments like: "cool ears!" And "I bet you're really good at keeping plants alive" #HowIDealWithACrush — Sara Mansford (@SaraMansford) March 22, 2016

8. If you're particularly bold, maybe you can send your crush a meme or two.

9. Zara has the most audacious approach yet with this burrito move.

10. OK, I feel like this selfie thing might not be advisable, but what do I know?

11. You could try tweeting your way into your crush's heart, like this guy.


#HowIDealWithACrush I cannot reveal my secrets as my tactics are working @McMannofthepeop — Jillian (@Pheramuse) March 22, 2016

13. For the rest of us, the most solid way of dealing with a crush seems to be not dealing at all.

Have fun with those crushes, everyone!