People Share The Most F*cked Up Things They've Seen Happen At Work

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So, maybe you stole a few rolls of toilet paper from your work bathroom ONE time. OK, two times. Still.

Everyone bends the rules at work now and then. Who can be professional 40 hours out of the week? That's asking too much of my lazy, selfish personality, frankly.

But we can all take comfort in the fact we are 5,000 percent more professional than some employees out there. Seriously, there are people who get batsh*t crazy at work. If you want proof, just look at a Reddit thread documenting this tomfoolery.

Or just keep reading this article because I gathered some of the best/worst ones for you.

OK. Bye forever, Taco Bell. I'm not here for your weird piss-bag game. Who does that? Who would want to do that???

Girl, next time just stick to the good old-fashioned selfie from the bathroom stall.

I think someone should probably arrest this sociopathic Steak and Ale manager?

Note to self: Stop buying granola bars.

(If you're lost, "flapjacks" are a British snack Americans know as an oat or granola bar. )

This funeral home sounds like a really lively place to work, honestly.

If you can't teach, do. I guess.

Valets, maybe don't play with guns? Or at least wait until I get my car back before you do?

Hey, no judgement, man. No, really. There is no judgement whatsoever going on here.

Bro, this takes the whole spit-in-their-food thing WAY TOO FAR.

But, this employee takes the cake on abhorrent behavior.