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10 People Confess The Weirdest Things That Turn Them On

It's not that hard to bait a soul mate. In fact, there may already be something about you that drives your crush over the edge.

Anonymous fetishists shared what turns them on via the Whisper App, allowing you to stock up on lip sweat and cheat the system.

1. Winter chores

2. Sweatstaches

3. Historical trivia

4. Sausage hands

5. Werewolf mouths

6. Knee space

7. Grandma accessories

8. Strong jawlines

9. Asymmetry

10. Puppy manners

You deserve someone who will love you for your excessively sharp teeth, not in spite of them.

Get out there, and flaunt the quirks you always took for granted. Your future soul mate will thank you.

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