People Can't Handle The New York Times' 'Could You Kill Baby Hitler' Question


The New York Times Magazine recently asked readers if they would kill baby Hitler, given the opportunity.

According to the Times' poll, a whopping 42 percent of people would slaughter little innocent baby Hitler. Another 28 percent weren't sure, while 30 percent have moral standards and would let baby Hitler live.

The magazine's bizarre and kind of creepy question sparked an even bizarre-r debate on Twitter concerning the ethics of killing evil babies and questions about what even defines evil-ness (and also, grammar):

First, the poll:

There's an obvious issue with the grammar: It should be 'Would you kill baby Hitler?':

That aside, people's reactions are mixed.

Some think it's history that shaped Hitler — meaning baby Hitler wasn't inherently evil….

While others think that, while baby Hitler was evil, you probably still shouldn't kill him.

Still others just took the situation and ran with it…

Creating truly horrifying what-if scenarios.

We're not sure what we think about killing bb Hitler…

But we sure as sh*t would kill the Internet, given the chance.

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