This Pastor Claims He Visited Heaven And Was Able To Take A Selfie


South African Pastor Mboro recently claimed he was in the middle of his Easter sermon when, suddenly, a light beam lifted him skyward, Unilad reports.

Mboro was apparently able to get all the evidence he needed of his trip to the great beyond with a selfie.

Unfortunately, BBC reports the pastor was charging curious congregators 5,000 rand, or roughly 330 dollars, for a copy of the photo.

Once Mboro's story picked up even more steam, the Internet demanded he share his evidence with the world. Apparently, he finally conceded, promising to share the picture on his Incredible Happenings Facebook page.

Shortly after vowing to share the snap online, Mboro revealed the phone holding his only proof went missing.

According to ENCA, one of the pastor's bodyguards said,

The pictures were really there, I saw them. We suspect one of the boys washing the Prophet's car took the phone. But they all denied taking it, even after we threatened them... All those who have deposited money will be refunded.

If you're mourning the loss of Mboro's heavenly photography, Twitter has you covered.

Whew, thank God.

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