These Party Girls Are Going Viral After No One Wanted To Sit By Them On Plane

Airplanes are not the best places to be stuck with either loud people or crying babies. And yet, they always seem to find us, just as we think we're about to have a peaceful journey.

On a flight to Ibiza on Tuesday, passengers from Manchester were unlucky enough to get stuck next to some pretty awful-sounding girls. Amber Elouise Ferguson shared the photos of the three girls who were so rowdy, their flight got delayed:

"They've been racist, making rude comments and threatening people," Amber wrote. "If you know them or are related to them, you should be ashamed to know such disgusting human beings!"

She was so appalled by their actions before the flight had even begun that she posted on Facebook in the hopes of being reunited with the girls in the future to see if they're "as brave without any alcohol."


Luckily for the rest of the passengers, the police soon turned up and escorted the girls off the plane. The photos show the trio looking less than impressed at where their antics have left them.