This Parking Ticket Hack Will Help You Dodge Those Fines

There's nothing worse than returning to your car from wherever you just were only to find a fucking parking ticket neatly tucked under your windshield wiper.

When I lived in Manhattan, that was quite literally the story of my life. Thanks to Los Angeles and its many free public parking lots, I tend to steer clear of parking tickets these days.

However, not all of us are able to dodge the inevitable that comes with owning a car -- except for one college kid named TJ. The University of Houston student is going viral after sharing the ultimate hack to dodge parking tickets.

Meet 19-year-old TJ Azodeh, a college student who found a genius way to avoid getting those annoying parking tickets.


Instead of paying hefty fines due to a busy class schedule, TJ places an old parking ticket on his windshield to fool parking enforcement.


According to BuzzFeed, TJ came up with the idea for a such a genius parking ticket hack when he witnessed one of his buddies pay a $60 parking ticket.

After paying up, he says his friend used the same physical ticket to avoid getting additional parking fines.

Sounds pretty simple to me!

TJ shared his genius hack on Twitter. "Whenever I park illegally, I just give myself a fake ticket before somebody else does it for me."


His tweet racked up over 42,000 retweets and 100,000 likes.

For some reason I decided to put it on Twitter, I don't know. I was expecting like five retweets. Now my entire phone is freezing up.

Going viral will do that.

A few Twitter users even confessed to pulling the trick off themselves.


I think it's safe to say the Twitter-verse will be strategically avoiding the system thanks to 19-year-old TJ Azodeh and his simple logic.


However, I'd still use my own judgment.

While TJ's parking ticket hack has "worked 100 percent of the time," his friend I mentioned earlier hasn't been able to successfully repeat the stunt more than a handful of times.

TJ told BuzzFeed,

He was at Oklahoma State so it's not worked every time for him. They're more strict there.

Hey, you didn't hear it from me... Happy parking!

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