People Can't Stop Making Fun Of Paris Hilton's Paranoid Comment About ISIS


You're five times more likely to be killed by ISIS if you're Paris Hilton.

Not really. But that's basically what she thinks.

The star believes that she's a prime target for the terrorist group, just because she's famous.

Paris was speaking to Ibiza news outlet Diario de Ibiza when she made the bizarre comment.

She said,

It's horrible what is happening, the recent bombing in Nice and Germany are terrible, something disgusting and scary. They are things that go through my head as I travel a lot and when I think about it, it frightens me. I'm moving and traveling from one country to another, I'm a famous person who can be a clear target of an attack and it's something that sometimes terrifies me.


Twitter was relentless with its sass:

Our hearts go out to you for your concerns, Paris. If you weren't already on ISIS' radar, you probably are now.

They say all publicity is good publicity. But that's probably not accurate when it means getting attention from the Islamic State.