Here's What's Happening On The Other Side Of Adele's 'Hello' Call (Video)

In her music video for “Hello,” Adele distracted us with Tristan Wilds' perfect teeth and sparkly dream eyes in an entirely successful effort to keep us from wondering whom the ballad is about.

CollegeHumor took a stab at answering that question in a video finally letting viewers experience the other side of the “Hello” flip-phone call.

As it turns out, Adele's ex-lover is a paper pusher just trying to have it all. He holds no grudges and is willing to put work aside to make sure sweet baby A is doing all right, although he wonders “why she didn't send an email at 3 am like a normal person.”

Still, Adele's ex has a soft spot for the singer, answering three of her phone calls mid-meeting, including one sounding as though the Grammy winner is “calling from the middle of a wind storm.”

We should all be lucky enough to find someone who, long after our relationship is over, will put up with our particularly dramatic afternoons.

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