If You Order This Food On A Date, You're More Likely To Get Asked Out Again

by Anna Menta

Apparently, sushi is a better wingman than any one of you (especially you, MOM).

Yup, even though you probably don't need another reason to order it, getting sushi on the first date drastically increases your chances of scoring a second date -- by about 107 percent.

How could anyone possibly know this, you ask. surveyed over 5,500 single Americans for this year's Singles in America survey.

The annual study asks single people all sorts of questions, including what sort of food might attract a second date.

For the 2015 survey, sushi was the overwhelming winner. It's the absolute best thing to order.

If you don't like it, maybe you should learn to because increasing your second-date chances by 107 percent is no small feat.

To be honest, it makes perfect sense to me. If I think there's even the slight possibility of someone buying me spicy tuna rolls in the future, I'm going to lock that down.

No joke (yes, joke), if anyone reading this sends me some free sushi, I swear I will break up with my boyfriend of two years and date you on the spot. So, get ordering!

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