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People Lost It When This Iconic 72-Year-Old Dancer Decided To Bust A Move

Imagine if you were taking a dance workshop, and a living legend was casually in the room with you.

That's exactly what happened in a workshop hosted by French dancer Babson Baba Sy. During the class, he realized the one and only Toni Basil, 72, was there.

You might not recognize her by name, but Basil is well known for singing the 1982 hit song "Mickey."

You know the one. It goes, "Oh Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!"

I'm sure reading those lyrics reminded you of the ending credits scene in "Bring It On." If not, then you obviously live under a rock. (Seriously, that film is a classic.)

Anyway, Basil became a star after shooting this video, which is known to be the first choreographed music video EVER. She was 38 years old when it was filmed.

At the workshop, Sy gave Basil the floor, and she put on an energetic two-minute performance for the group in the class.

He posted the video on Facebook and Twitter to let the rest of the world see that she's still got it.

He writes,

Toni Basil, I was honored to participate in the workshop... Thank you to her for this gift... I took the biggest slap of humility by a septuagenarian artist.

Her classmates went nuts.

I can't believe she still dances like this at 72.

True talent never fades.

She left the workshop group in awe.

By the way, it's not like Basil has been sitting around for the last few decades after "Mickey." She's worked with several artists since on choreography, and she's definitely proved you just have to keep doing what you love. Age means nothing.

Check out the full video below:

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