Old People Went On Their First Blind Date And It Was Way Too Adorable (Video)

A new video by Mature Dating wants to show romantics of every age it's never too late to find love.

The video features two senior citizens, a lady who is 77 and an 80-year-old man, meeting for the first time and enjoying a long, romantic blind date that begins with dinner and stretches into the evening.

My one criticism of this video, sweet as it is, is these seniors are super hot.

The woman is a blonde bombshell who looks positively slammin' in a luminescent white outfit, and the man is essentially the personified version of a sex potion that's been slow cooking for eight decades.

Sure, a site like Mature Dating could help both of these stone foxes sort more discerningly through endless requests to smash, but the idea that it's a necessity is insane.

I do hope the pair followed up for a second date because they make one beautiful couple.