Nurse Has Amazing Response To Girl Saying She Can't Do Her Job With Dyed Hair


Have you ever been in one of those confrontational situations, but go home and only THEN think of the perfect comeback?

Yeah, me too.

The same thing happened to Mary Walls Penney, a young nurse who was cornered over her awesome rainbow hair the other day.

She made a pit stop at a convenience store after work, when the cashier said she was surprised Mary's bold hair color was allowed at the hospital.

Then, the cashier proceeded to ask another woman in line what she thought of Mary's hair. The woman said, "It's not for me."

So, Mary went home and penned this amazing response on Facebook:

Here are the highlights:

I can't recall a time that my hair color has prevented me from providing life saving treatment to one of my patients. My tattoos have never kept them from holding my hand and as they lay frightened and crying because Alzheimer's has stolen their mind. My multiple ear piercings have never interfered with me hearing them reminisce about their better days or listening to them as they express their last wishes. My tongue piercing has never kept me from speaking words of encouragement to a newly diagnosed patient or from comforting a family that is grieving.

She rounded off her speech with, "So, please explain to me how my appearance, while being paired with my cheerful disposition, servant's heart, and smiling face, has made me unfit to provide nursing care and unable to do my job!"

Yes, Mary! Everything you said was so on point.

And for the record, we think your punchy hair rocks.