No One Can Figure Out WTF Was Pulled Out Of This Girl's Belly Button


My god.

I mean, I've had some pretty vivid nightmares that are probably repressed memories from a childhood I'd rather forget, but this is next-level.

When Jamie Davis of Moore, Oklahoma, first saw something random sprouting from his sister's belly button, he thought nothing of it (why would you? Puberty and all that).

Then, curiosity got the better of him. But we wish it hadn't -- GOD HOW WE WISH IT HADN'T.

Armed with tweezers, Jamie took to it.

He dug deep and finally pulled free the vile object that had been lying in her belly button for a sick number of months.

He filmed the whole, disgusting thing and uploaded it to YouTube. He wrote,

Nine months ago my sister noticed something in her belly button, but thought nothing of it. Saturday I noticed something that looked like hair hanging out of her belly button. She resisted, but I got in there realizing that it was much more than hair. This is the end product of what we pulled out of her belly button. We think it's called an umbolith. enjoy!

*Googles "how to erase memories."*

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