Newest iPhone Leak Reveals Genius Way You'll Never Crack Your Screen Again

by Harley Tamplin

Almost every smartphone owner has had to deal with the crippling frustration of badly cracking a screen at some point.

Seriously, it's ridiculous phones are super expensive but so damn delicate that the most low-key, standard drop can lead to it looking like it's been run over by a monster truck.

But, according to a patent filed to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is trying to save the day.


Don't get too excited though, because the company is not going to reinforce the screen to make it less fragile (or make it as sturdy as your old Nokia 3310).

Apple Insider reported the company is instead thinking about introducing a tech feature detecting when your screen is about to crack.

It's not known when it will be introduced — or how, as several different methods for detecting damage were listed.

Essentially, though, it would alert you to damage within the device and hairline cracks that form beneath the surface, saving you from devastating smashes.

Think about it: If your iPhone gives you a safety warning letting you know the next drop will smash up your screen, you'll never ever drop it again, right?

Apple suggested one method involving its touch sensors to detect damage, and another utilizing a series of vibrating hotspots below the screen.

Some of the ideas listed in the patent would be triggered by a drop (not ideal if that drop is bad enough to crack the screen, but whatever).

Another suggestion involves the user confirming a crack by circling the area.

But, Apple — on behalf of everyone dealing with a cracked screen — can you just pick a design and roll with it until none of us own damaged phones anymore?

All we want is our phones to stop looking like a shattered mess and needing expensive surgery, so help us out? Please?

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