Glorious New Wine Bottles Never Drip, So Now You Can Savor Every Last Drop

Lawren Lu

Properly pouring a glass of wine without spilling small droplets all over the table is definitely a challenge.

As an avid wine lover, I'm ashamed to admit I haven't mastered the perfect pour yet -- but I blame the bottle.

No matter what angle I hold the bottle at or how fast I pour the beverage into my glass, it seems like annoying wine droplets always trickle down the stem of the bottle and miss the glass completely.

You know what that means, right?


Wasted wine isn't cool, guys.

Thankfully, a bottle finally exists that will change the way we pour wine forever.

A biophysicist at Brandeis University named Dr. Dan Perlman teamed with engineer Dr. Greg Widberg to build a dreamy bottle that doesn't let the wine drip.

He realized when wine is being poured, it often runs down the lip of the bottle before traveling annoyingly down the neck.

The ever-so-frustrating wine drip looks like this:


Obviously, he needed to do something about it.

To prevent this from happening, the two put a a groove in the side of the bottle to stop wine from trickling out during the pour.

Instead, the excess wine will fall back into the glass.


In a statement obtained by The Drinks Business, Dr. Perlman said,

A droplet of wine that would otherwise run down the side of the bottle encounters the groove, but can't traverse it. Instead, it immediately falls off the bottle into the glass along with the rest of the wine… for a drop of wine to make it across Perlman's groove, it would have to travel up inside the groove against the force of gravity or have enough momentum to jump from one side of the groove to the other.

In other words, unless you're aggressively pouring your glass, the wine won't drip down the side anymore.

Here's a video to better showcase how the genius wine bottle works compared to a normal, drippy bottle:

Hopefully, these wine bottles will hit the liquor store shelves sooner than later.

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