New Mario Kart Style Go-Kart Track Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True

by Collette Reitz

If you spent the weekends of your youth perfecting the ability to swiftly flit your thumb between the A and B buttons to ensure a Grand Prix victory for Princess Peach, then you will definitely want to get your passport ready. This October, there will be a Mario Kart style go-kart track in Niagara Falls, and it'll make your video game dreams come to life. That's right, a visit to this Mario Kart-inspired racetrack just jumped to the top of your to-do list.

Since the '90s are way in the rearview mirror, there's a good chance you don't have many hours to spend in front of the television with a controller permanently attached to your hand. Instead of carefree video gaming, your days are filled with work, responsibilities, and wondering how you got this far without knowing how to do taxes. If you do decide to spend some time with Yoshi and the crew, you're bound to feel a little guilty about procrastinating your actual responsibilities with Mario Kart time.

Guess what? There is a plus side to all that adulting: vacation days. Take your hard-earned time off and treat yourself to the go-kart track of your teenage dreams. No, it won't be called Mushroom Kingdom, but after one visit to the "Niagra Speedway," you'll be convinced that you just stepped onto Rainbow Road.

According to Narcity, you can zoom down memory lane by heading to Ontario, Canada. There, you'll hit up the entertainment strip of Niagara Falls in Clifton Hill where the racetrack will be housed, all thanks to the efforts of tourism and resorts company HOCO Limited. As they look to boost Niagara Falls tourism, you can live out your dream of zooming past Bowser's castle on your way to the winner's circle (that is, if you have a good imagination). Book your trip for this coming fall if you're just in it for the go-karts, but if you want to check out the zombie exhibit, hold off until spring of 2018 when other features including simulators and a 4-D motion theater will be completed as well.

You can get your nostalgia fix on this 4-story corkscrew track without any unwelcome Koopa shells or banana peels tripping you up and throwing you off your game. Not only will it seem like you're practically stepping foot into your beloved Nintendo 64, but you'll also be riding on the largest attraction of this kind in North America. Talk about a mushroom power up!