This New App Is Making Sure Kids Never Have To Eat Lunch Alone

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Surviving high school is by no means an easy task.

One day, you can be ruling over the hallways as Queen Bee of campus.

Then, you accidentally wear sweatpants on a Friday, and consequences of your fugly fashion choices hit you like a big yellow school bus.


Next thing you know, your so called "BFFs" are banning you from the lunch table, and you're suddenly reduced to eating your all-carb sandwich alone in a bathroom stall.


OK, so maybe I'm just reciting the plot of "Mean Girls."

However, this isn't too far off from how mean kids can be IRL.


If there's one person who knows this, it's 16-year-old Natalie Hampton.

In order to make the school cafeteria a little less threatening, Hampton created an app called "Sit With Us," which lets students discreetly find other kids to sit with at lunch.

Sit With Us

Apparently, Hampton got the idea for the app after spending most of her seventh grade school year eating lunch by herself. And I have to say, this idea is so fetch.

Although Hampton only launched the app a week ago, it appears her hard work is already paying off.

Hampton told NPR that students in her school are already downloading the app and posting open lunch invites.

If only Regina George could see this now.

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