This Robot Drinking Buddy Will Keep You Company On Solo Nights Out (Video)

For all the alcoholics and depressed single folk of the world, one inventor has the solution: Drinky, the robotic drinking buddy.

The gadget, seen in the video above, was created by South Korean inventor Eunchan Park after a particularly depressing solo Christmas.

On YouTube, Park writes,

On Christmas in 2012, I drank Soju alone because I had no girlfriend at th[e] time. Drinking alone was definitely terrible… This is why I made this robot.

The robot is programmed to match the drinker shot for shot and will even give a cheerful thumbs-up after each completed glass. A jar supporting the bot holds the liquor, which can be recycled (read: drunk) once you find a real, live human to imbibe with.

Yes, drinking with a robot is arguably more depressing than drinking alone. But with enough tequila (or vodka, whatever, I don't discriminate), you might not even notice Drinky is an inanimate object. #Goals.

Check out Drinky in the video up top.

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