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This Hilarious Story About A Netflix And Chill Fail Is Everything (Photos)


Netflix and chill without getting the cheeks is like spending four years in college and not finding a job after. You sick!

It sucks, but it happens to a lot of people these days. That's just a part of life, but hey, we've all been there before, right?!

I can go on more about this serious issue, but let this amazing Twitter tale through the eyes of Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") do it for me.

It all starts off so damn simple in your head, right?

But then sh*t is not going down, and you start to panic.

And every idea to scratch starts getting weaker than the next.

You think of throwing one more Hail Mary, but just can't do it.

By then you've hesitated, and it's already a wrap for you.

This can't be real life. But it is. It's your life.

Of course, you try to play it off cuz we don't love these hoes, right?!

But nah, you really sick AF, fam.

Use this time to realize you really ain't sh*t.

But also to creep and find out more stuff you didn't want to know.

Enough snooping around and you'll be crying yourself to sleep.

But that's just the time to act like you're EXTRA Gucci.

Wait a minute, nah, you still sick, fam.

Why couldn't you just close while watching "Pootie Tang"?!

That's because you were born in the friend zone and will die in the friend zone.

Eventually, she'll realize you were the right one all along.

But now, the both of you are sick, and you still not scratching.