This Hilarious Story About A Netflix And Chill Fail Is Everything (Photos)

by Julian Sonny
Screen Gems

Netflix and chill without getting the cheeks is like spending four years in college and not finding a job after. You sick!

It sucks, but it happens to a lot of people these days. That's just a part of life, but hey, we've all been there before, right?!

I can go on more about this serious issue, but let this amazing Twitter tale through the eyes of Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") do it for me.

It all starts off so damn simple in your head, right?

when you're a whole 2hr 25mins into Netflix and Chill and you plotting your next move while she's in the bathroom — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

But then sh*t is not going down, and you start to panic.

"maybe if i put on a movie with a sex scene in it... nahhhh" — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

And every idea to scratch starts getting weaker than the next.

"maybe if i turn off the wifi so it can buffer... yeah that shit could work... wait nah" — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

You think of throwing one more Hail Mary, but just can't do it.

"maybe i should lay down in her spot and she gon come lay down too then imma touch her lower back..." — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

By then you've hesitated, and it's already a wrap for you.

she on the phone making other plans in the bathroom you on the sofa like — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

This can't be real life. But it is. It's your life.

you hear her say "iight come pick me up" by then you like this — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

Of course, you try to play it off cuz we don't love these hoes, right?!

she come back to the sofa you try to play it off when she tell you she about to leave you like "yeah?" — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

But nah, you really sick AF, fam.

her ride pull up you walk her outside and you see a Camaro with tinted windows in front this you — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

Use this time to realize you really ain't sh*t.

5 hours pass you still awake it's 2:30am you listening to Bryson Tiller's "Don't" reflecting on the whole situation — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

But also to creep and find out more stuff you didn't want to know.

you like imma lurk her instagram. she at a party posting hella pics smoking weed with that nigga that picked her up — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

Enough snooping around and you'll be crying yourself to sleep.

you check her snapchat she in a bed but you know how her sheets look and thats not her sheets you rematching it like — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

But that's just the time to act like you're EXTRA Gucci.

you hurt at this point so you post this selfie to try to get her attention — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

Wait a minute, nah, you still sick, fam.

nobody likes the selfie so you delete it now you in the living room with the lights and tv off like this — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

Why couldn't you just close while watching "Pootie Tang"?!

next time you see her you try to act like you ain't hurting inside you like "ayeeeeee wassup?" — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

That's because you were born in the friend zone and will die in the friend zone.

then she hug you and you breakdown on the inside and almost lose it you like this — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

Eventually, she'll realize you were the right one all along.

its 6 years later she wants to start a relationship. she has a newborn baby for that nigga and you think about it... — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015

But now, the both of you are sick, and you still not scratching.

now you stuck with a baby that aint yours and she's making you wait 90 days for pussy because she has trust issues — markell (@yungburgers) October 27, 2015