Muslim Women Get Kicked Off Plane Just For Making One Man Feel 'Unsafe'

Niala Khalil/Facebook

Two Muslim women claim they were booted off a plane because a flight attendant felt "threatened" by them.

The irony? Niala Mohammad and her friend work for the American government. 

She posted on Facebook about the incident onboard a delayed American Airlines flight from Miami to Washington.

It all kicked off when the plane was grounded for five hours and passengers were only given a cup of water and a bag of pretzels.

Niala said,

At one point, a white male passenger sitting directly behind us initiated a private conversation with my friend about the lack of customer care. Suddenly, a male flight attendant walking by singled out my friend and stated, "If you have a problem, you can get off the plane."

Things escalated from there.

Minutes later they were called to the front of the plane and asked to bring their belongings.

Several armed air marshals and a couple of police officers were waiting for them outside.

When they asked why they were being removed, a flight attendant said one member of her crew felt threatened by them.

The white male passenger who initiated the complaint was not removed.

The women reported the incident to American Airlines and it has sparked an internal investigation.

Niala said she works "every day to promote democracy and freedom to a predominately Muslim region, yet at home, in America, my own home country, I'm faced with this type of discrimination and intolerance.”