Musician Admits To Sexually Assaulting Woman In Detailed Facebook Post


An Oregon musician has openly admitted he "sexually assaulted someone" in a Facebook post.

Joel Magid, of Portland, wrote on his page detailing the incident and apologizing for his actions on Saturday.

Part of the post reads,

I've done something reprehensible that I need to own up to. I realize Facebook may be not the ideal forum, but I am trying to inform as many people as possible. I recently sexually assaulted someone. In this encounter, I pulled out my penis, and forcibly lifted the woman's skirt. A friend intervened and stopped my behavior. I was blacked out drunk when this happened and don't remember any of the situation. That doesn't excuse what I did.

He goes on to say sorry, asking his friend who "furiously and broken heartedly" told him about the assault for forgiveness.

Magid said he plans to seek help for an alcohol problem and ends his post by encouraging other attackers to out themselves.

He added,

I also encourage others who have done this in the past to come forward and take responsibility. Because you do something really, really bad doesn't make you a bad person, but hiding from what you've done certainly doesn't make you a good one.

Reactions to his post were mixed. Close friends and family wrote messages of support, while others weren't as welcoming of the news.

One user, John Rogers, said he "belongs in jail or worse."

Portland Police are aware of the Facebook post and confirmed no crime has yet been reported.

Sgt. Pete Simpson told OregonLive,

The Sex Crimes Unit is aware of the post. At this point, no victim has come forward to file a report with police. While we encourage victims to come forward to police, we do offer several alternatives that may appeal to victims instead of reporting to police.