People Share The Most Amazing Things They've Ever Heard After Sex


There is nothing like a post-coital pat on the back to let you know you've done a good job.

Be it through words or actions, complimenting someone for his or her acumen in getting you to *insert semen pun based around the word “acumen” here* is probably the best thing one person can do to another person.

I'd rather have someone go “nice job in there, Vagina Cowboy” after doing the sex than receive a Medal of Honor from the vice president for saving 30 children from a fiery bus.

Members of the Reddit community recently got together to share some successful war stories from the bedroom battlefield where their commanders (aka: bone partners) let them know they had done terrific jobs in the foxhole (aka: genitals).

This guy is the Adele of sex.

This makes sense. Poland IS the city of love.

Ugh, we get it! You are good at vagina stuff!

This is the worst thing I've ever heard, but glad it made you feel like a princess.

Sometimes, it's what you don't say.


Craig, if you're reading this, we're sorry.

Honored to read your words, your holiness.

That is great news.

Two people are pleased in this comment.

Rookie of the year candidate?

Just get married already, you guys!

Ew. Thanks for apologizing, but ew.

I'm going to be dressing as a sexy orphan next Halloween.

F*ck yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu, dude!

Ba-dum-chi! pt.2

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