Morgue Door Slamming On Its Own In Terrifying Video Has Everyone Creeped Out


If there's one person I definitely would not want to be right now, it's the police officer in this video.

The poor guy was on duty and found himself in the middle of a horror movie inside a Brazilian morgue that appears to be very, very haunted.

It seems the cop and his partner recorded their journey down an eerie hallway to investigate a door that was slamming uncontrollably underneath flickering lights.

Get ready for a few nightmares guys — this footage is freaky.

The video begins with the police officer and his partner (who is recording the ordeal) staring at the slamming door from afar.


Slowly but surely, the brave souls walk closer and closer to the door. There's no one in sight, which makes the video even creepier.

If you're a skeptic, I know what you're thinking — "Someone's inside that door slamming it shut, DUH."

I wish I could tell you you're right, but unfortunately, I cannot.


As the officers get closer and closer, the door doesn't let up. It's still slamming, it's still loud and the lights above the chaos are still flickering.

By now, I'd be OUTTA THERE.


About 43 seconds into the video, the door stops slamming and it gets oddly quiet.

The lights stop flickering, and all of a sudden, the hall goes completely dark for a few seconds before the cop approaches the door.


When he looks inside the door with his flashlight, he's astonished the space between the door and the inside of the wall is only a few inches deep.

There's no way someone could've been hiding inside of it.


Bewildered at the unexplainable activity, the cops continue to investigate the hallway for other signs of movement or human interference, but they find nothing.

The footage ends as the duo walks out of the hallway, unable justify why the door was repeatedly slamming itself against the wall.

Check out the eerie footage for yourself.

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly sleeping with my lights on tonight.

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