Mom Rethinks Divorce After Seeing Daughter's Painting


Sometimes we need a big dose of child innocence to bring us back down to Earth.

Rosie Dutton can tell you all about that.

The mom from Staffordshire in the UK was slapped in the face by reality when her daughter made her realize what was really important in life.

She shared the story in a heart-wrenching Facebook post the other day.


Rosie wrote,


Rosie was forced to adjust to sharing her daughter. Once a week, she would be with her father, but, during that time, Rosie would struggle to focus on anything else and, some nights, barely move from the couch.

Family days out became a mental chore. Rosie knew she couldn't carry on seeing her ex for her own sanity.

The parents arranged to drop off and pick up their daughter at Rosie's parent's place. Family days out came to an end — but her little girl noticed.

Rosie continued,

She knew the divorce could not mean the separation of her family. The painting now hangs in Rosie's living room as a constant reminder to stay strong for her daughter.

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