This Mom Tried To Pack A Lunch For Her Daughter And Failed Horribly


It may be easier for parents to monitor their teenagers these days, but in the tradition of stupid mistakes, it's reassuring to know there will always be a margin of parental obliviousness to revel in, however recklessly, for the young and free among us.

One parent recently sent her daughter to school with a can of Four Loko -- the caffeinated can of malt liquor taken off the shelves in 2010 and reformulated to exclude caffeine in the hopes the beverage would no longer cause consumers to rampage down the streets, tearing school buses in half with their bare hands and vomiting on the twisted, metal remains — in her lunchbox.

The mom's daughter, high schooler and Twitter user @KenzieeStrangee, recently posted a photo of the inside of her lunch bag, containing what appears to be a Kind bar, some carrot sticks and 16 ounces of bad decisions.

In a screenshot of an iMessage exchange with her mother, Kenzie asks what the drink is, and her mom guesses “tea… or energy.”

Tea? No. Energy? Maybe. A classroom full of semi-inebriated 11th graders? Definitely.

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