Mom Goes Viral After Making Her First Meme And Twitter Is Really Proud Of Her


The solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, was met with a slew of hilarious memes, naturally. However, one mom made her first meme and went viral, because it's just too cute and perfect. Twitter user Sasha, 21, (aka @Junglefushimi) shared her mom's first attempt at meme creation the evening of the eclipse, and Twitter has been in awe ever since.

"Memer Mom" (that's how Michelle would like to be known henceforth) used a still of James Marsden's X-Men character, Cyclops, wearing his signature visor for the base image of her much-loved meme, referring to the fact it sort of looks like everyone's eclipse glasses. She then overlaid the following brilliant text in a blocky font:

When you wear special glasses to protect the Eclipse from your eyes.

Yes. (The solar eclipse certainly couldn't handle Cyclops' eyes.) I particularly love the fact that "Memer Mom" added smoky vignette effect around the photo. It gives it astrological vibes.

In their tweet debuting Memer Mom's claim to fame, Sasha shared screenshots of their text conversations with the meme genius herself, writing, "My mom made this meme don't let her down."

Memer Mom's text messages reads,

I made that meme. Heh. I hope it goes viral even though I didn't put my name on it lol.

And here we are: IT WENT VIRAL.

Sasha later tweeted that they shared everyone's nice comments and reactions with Memer Mom, and she's "very pleased."

At that moment, she decided to add "memer" before "mom" for her new nickname.

She's the cutest.

Memer Mom would get a 100 in Meme Making 101.

Like, she's winning.

But some people did have to explain the joke to those not on Memer Mom's X-Men level.

"She should start a club!"

"Moms That Meme" needs to be a thing though.

Seriously, such wonderful attention to detail.

In conclusion, we all love Memer Mom and her funny eclipse-themed meme. To admire even more of her social media chops, check her out on Instagram (@plumsplace).

Keep up the good work, Memer Mom!