Fit Mom Uses A CrossFit Studio For Her Maternity Photoshoot


I've never been pregnant myself, but I imagine if and when it does happen, I'll likely do a whole lot of sitting, demanding and napping, and a lot less being a fitness warrior.

Lauren Ferris, 29, does not feel the same way. In fact, the Connecticut native shot this epic maternity photo shoot at a CrossFit studio where both she and her husband work out.

Even now, at 35 weeks pregnant, Ferris makes it to the gym four to five times a week.

JoAnn Marrero

She tells People, "CrossFit is something I've done four to five times a week for the past five years, and I did it all through my first pregnancy. I thought, if I'm going to do it through another pregnancy, I think it would be really cool to have pictures and memories of it.”

Her husband and 2-year-old son were also at the shoot, helping create some of these truly breathtaking images.

JoAnn Marrero

Ferris connected with photographer JoAnn Marrero (who you may know from this other famous pregnancy photo shoot), who told People it was really important for her to capture Lauren's personality and lifestyle.

JoAnn Marrero

Oh, I see the beauty in it, all right.

JoAnn Marrero

I mean, look at her.

Ferris says working out through her first pregnancy had real benefits, and that as long as she is able to continue to do it, she will.

She explains,

Here are some more pics from the beautiful shoot.

JoAnn Marrero

Definitely wouldn't want to play against her in tug-of-war.

Sure, sure, sure. Me, too.

JoAnn Marrero

Just like that, but not pregnant.

Pregnant, fit AND upside down?! Check, check and check.

JoAnn Marrero

Fingers crossed they name the beautiful babe Hercules.

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