Mom Catches Son's GF Giving Him Blowjob In Room Full Of People And Loses It

Remember when we told you about that wild woman who ripped off a random guy's pants and gave him a BJ right in the middle of a crowded nightclub dance floor?

Well, it turns out that guy isn't the only flirtatious fella who's been caught with his pants down in a room full of people.

We just came across a video that captures the moment a pissed mom catches her son getting a blowjob in a house brimming with onlookers.

Dude Comedy

That's right. After making the shocking discovery that her son was getting a BJ from one of his lady friends, this mom grabs a camera and starts recording a rant that goes on for several minutes.

In the video, the angry mom makes it her mission to put the girl who gave her son a BJ on blast.

Dude Comedy

As she follows the girl around with the camera, she says all sorts of mean slut-shaming insults to her son's suitor.

After calling the girl "nasty" a bunch of times, the mom more or less tells this girl it's not ladylike to go into someone's place and suck their dick after just meeting them for the first time.

Dude Comedy

This mad mama doesn't just go off on the girl either.

She also yells at her son and calls him a slut several times.

If that's not bad enough, the mom also reveals she found her son getting head from the girl in a room that had dog poop all over the floor.

Dude Comedy

Yep, instead of romancing this girl in his empty bedroom, this modern day Romeo decided to take her into a dark room that apparently doubles as the dog's designated poop space.

Yeah, talk about a seriously shitty place to get down on your knees.

The mom lights up a cig and continues her seemingly endless rant, telling the camera the girl has "yuck mouth" and that it's hot outside so her son probably had "salty balls" when the girl went down on him.

Seriously, mom, TMI.

Even after the girl leaves, the mom continues spitting out insults, saying she looks like a nasty 40-year-old woman and even tells her son he's probably going to develop some sort of "rash on his meat."

Dude Comedy

If you ask me, I'm not sure what's worse. The fact that this "nasty" girl gave some random guy a BJ in crowded, feces-filled room, or the fact that this equally "nasty" mom actually has a room in her house that's filled with dog shit. SMDH.

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