Michela Ravasio

People Are Sharing The Most Hilarious 'Modest' Goals For 2016


A New Year's resolution is the best way to feel like an ambitious, productive person for about four days, and a lazy, sorry excuse for a human for the next 361.

One answer to this conundrum is, of course, to just forgo all attempts to better yourself and adopt a "What's the point, we all die anyway" attitude.

But some people discovered the happy medium between nihilism and naive ambition, and they're sharing their #ModestGoalsFor2016 on Twitter.

Some people are taking charge of their health and bodies...

...while some are working on more internal improvement.

Others are keeping it pretty simple.

This guy's already well on his way to success.

2016 could be the year you learn a valuable skill...

...or broaden your cultural knowledge.

There is no goal too small.

Baby steps, y'all. Baby steps.