Michela Ravasio

People Are Sharing The Most Hilarious 'Modest' Goals For 2016

A New Year's resolution is the best way to feel like an ambitious, productive person for about four days, and a lazy, sorry excuse for a human for the next 361.

One answer to this conundrum is, of course, to just forgo all attempts to better yourself and adopt a "What's the point, we all die anyway" attitude.

But some people discovered the happy medium between nihilism and naive ambition, and they're sharing their #ModestGoalsFor2016 on Twitter.

Some people are taking charge of their health and bodies...

Just put gym clothes on and see what happens #modestgoalsfor2016 — Charisse (@CharisseMSRD) January 6, 2016
Don't Eat The Whole Bag Of Doritos In One Setting. Leave On Chip Behind #ModestGoalsFor2016 — McMannofthepeople (@McMannofthepeop) January 6, 2016

...while some are working on more internal improvement.

#ModestGoalsFor2016 -Tweet others the way I want to be Tweeted. — Linda Childers (@LindaChilders1) January 6, 2016

Others are keeping it pretty simple.

#ModestGoalsFor2016 cry less pic.twitter.com/ZK5zzjV5QV — Lili Von Shtupp (@Lily_Bell82) January 6, 2016

This guy's already well on his way to success.

Play at least two hashtag games #ModestGoalsFor2016 — Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) January 6, 2016

2016 could be the year you learn a valuable skill...

#ModestGoalsFor2016 Plug USB in right way first time. @LouGeese@Mama_Mitchell — Charley Kaye (@charley_ck14) January 6, 2016

...or broaden your cultural knowledge.

Binge-watch Jeopardy. #ModestGoalsFor2016 — LisetteInBlue (@bookgirl8) January 6, 2016

There is no goal too small.

#ModestGoalsFor2016 learn how to pronounce Worcestershire — Sara Mansford (@SaraMansford) January 6, 2016

Baby steps, y'all. Baby steps.

Pour 8 glasses of water daily #modestgoalsfor2016 — Charisse (@CharisseMSRD) January 6, 2016