Model Had The Best Response To Agency That Said She Was 'Out Of Shape'


The outrageous standards of the fashion industry are no secret. Even supermodel Cara Delevingne lashed out against the status quo that for decades forced models to maintain near-unattainable, starved physiques.

British model Charli Howard is the latest in the line of models fighting for their bodies.

In a Facebook post shared to her timeline Tuesday, the stunner launched “a big F*CK YOU” to her London-based agency for criticizing her shape.

Howard kicked off the lengthy post by defending herself and taking back her corporal autonomy. She wrote,

The 5'8” model, who is a UK size 6-8 (the equivalent of a US size 2-4), praised her curves and claimed her clients love them, too. She continued,

The beauty claimed she will continue to model on her own terms, and comments pouring in from fellow Facebook users praised her outspoken stance.

One particular commentator, however, poked holes in Howard's facade.

Annette-Marie Kjean, who Mashable confirmed is head of women at global modeling agency Wilhelmina, cited several other reasons Howard's experience was less-than-spectacular.

By Kjean's account, it seems as though some of the blame may lie on the disgruntled model's shoulders.

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