Model Calls Out Catfish Who Failed Miserably At Using Her Pics To Seduce Guys

by Alexandra Svokos

Don't you hate it when you're just out there trying to live your life as an Instagram model and then someone comes along and uses your photos for a catfishing scheme?

Happens all the time, am I right?

Well, it did happen to Instagram model Jessica Hunt.

Hunt's just living her life as a gorgeous woman on the internet. She models for clothing boutiques, showing off their looks for her 83,000 Instagram followers.

But on Sunday, Hunt found something unusual on the internet.

Her Twitter bio features a profile picture of her in her kitchen in a sparkly, dark green dress with cut-outs. She looks fire in it.


Apparently someone else thought the same thing. Her picture was used by a wannabe, and Jessica was quick to assume it was all part of a catfishing scheme.

The photo is all the same as Hunt's Twitter picture, with one major change: They had swapped out her face for someone else's face.


 Hunt posted about it on Twitter, saying,

That is my body and my house but whose face is that!?!?

She added that the "catfish game is getting silly."

Thanks to edutainment like MTV's "Catfish," we all consider ourselves pretty decent internet sleuths.

These days, anyone knows how to reverse search an image. So it stands to reason that catfishers would have to go one level up to avoid getting caught with the simplest trick in the book. Photoshop definitely helps there.

To her credit, Hunt took the experience in stride, staying heartily amused by it all.


She seemed extra impressed by the photo-editing skills of the person using her picture.


Plus, the company that made the dress she's wearing, Verity Anne, seemed to enjoy the little PR moment.


Just goes to show you that you really cannot trust anyone or anything on the internet. Even this post.

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